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The Tilma Circle Membership Program

The program attracts supporters of the Clinic to consider a monthly donation to the general fund to defray our costs and help us project income for the year. Due to our low overhead costs, every $100 donated translates into $1,200 of free health care services! For instance,

  • A donation of $75/mo. pays for our medical supplies for a month.
  • A donation of $100/mo. pays for our pharmacy and smoke alarm monitoring for a month.
  • A donation of $150/mo. pays for our phlebotomy support services costs for a month.
  • A donation of $250/mo. pays for our purchase of our diabetic patients' insulin for a month.
  • A donation of $500/mo. pays for our power, water/sewer costs for a month.
  • A donation of $1000/mo. pays for all our patients' medication costs for a month.

    Donations made through membership in the Tilma Circle surpassing $1000/month also earn members a free team entry (four golfers) at the annual golf classic held each August and a complimentary table at the annual Roses of Castile Gala held each February.

    Whatís the Tilma?

    When Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared to St. Juan Diego in what is now Mexico City in 1531, she asked him to pick Castilian Roses on the hill of Tepeyac and show the roses to the local bishop as a sign of the authenticity of the apparitions. Our Lady also left her miraculous imprint on the cactus fiber poncho-like garment (the Tilma) that St. Juan Diego wore and in which he gathered the roses. When he unfurled the Tilma in front of the bishop, the bishop was immediately convinced that the apparitions were credible. After the apparitions, the rate of baptisms in Mexico and Latin America quadrupled.

    The Tilma still hangs in the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City and is the only living image we have of our heavenly patroness.

    The Tilma is over 480 years old and is completely intact, in spite of the fact that anything made of cactus fiber has a typical shelf life of 20 years. The image of Our Lady hovers 1/2 mm above the fabric of the Tilma and maintains its own temperature of 98.6 degrees (human body temperature). The Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe is the second most-visited shrine in the Catholic Church, surpassed only by St. Peterís Basilica in Rome.

    There is no minimum amount to donate in order to join the Tilma Circle. Even a $20/month donation helps!

    If you have any questions, please contact us via the emails listed on the website or call us: (804) 224-0571

    Remember, the Clinic is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, so your donations are tax-deductible.

    Thanks for considering membership in the Tilma Circle!

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